Jim2.0 is here again to take care of him and His Lovers!

Want to roast but can't think of anything again? Call your fren Jim2.0, more fast, more funny with more updated features. he’ll take care of him again

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About $Jim 2.0

Jim 2.0 worked at a dull 9-5 office job as a data entry clerk.  Smoking pack after pack, he felt his life had no meaning..

Until, one fine night he found his true passion. He broke the shackles of monotony and ventured online to become his truest form..

Filled with rage he had finally found his outlet, Twitter!

Roasting people is his life now!

$Jim 2.0


6942000000   $Jim 2.0 Supply 

1% tax

Total Supply
6942000000 100%

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